The Legacy Fund

Legacy Fund Giving -- The enduring nature of your vision and generosity can continue to serve Lamar County for many years to come. A Legacy Fund gift can honor or remember a loved one, preserve your family name long beyond your lifetime, and involve future generations in philanthropic decision making.

Memorials -- A Legacy Fund gift can honor a beloved family member, friend or an organization. Such a gift creates a legacy and memorializes the people and issues that have truly touched your life.

Tax Benefits -- As a public charity, the United Way of Lamar County offers valuable tax benefits.  Your gifts are tax deductible and can be managed for substantial benefits to you and your family.

Legacy Fund Governance -- Gifts to the Legacy Fund are governed by the United Way of Lamar County Board of Directors, who are responsible for setting investment policy and providing oversight on agency grant distributions and allocations.

Ways to Give Bequests -  The United Way of Lamar County can be made a beneficiary of your estate or with various types of retirement plans. Consult your CPA, Financial Advisor or attorney for guidance in establishing your planned giving to meet your wishes and expectations.  Setting up a Charitable Lead Trust or a Charitable Remainder Trust in your investment portfolio to donate annually to the United Way of Lamar County is another option for giving.

We hope you will consider including the United Way of Lamar County in your estate plans.  Your legacy of caring for our community and your generosity will continue for future generations.